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Quilter Investors Creation range

Cost effective, diversified investment solution

Harnessing the strength of financial markets can be a powerful way of growing your wealth. However, investing involves fast-moving markets, complex information and risks that can be substantial. The Creation Portfolios have been designed in collaboration with financial advisers, research agencies and clients to provide a solution to meet the challenges facing investors.

The Creation Portfolios

  • Five risk-targeted portfolios in the range, with different risk levels to provide flexibility in choosing the best investment solution for your needs
  • A highly skilled management team to give you confidence to invest for the long term
  • Investments from a broad range of asset classes in the appropriate mix and monitored on a daily basis.

Features and benefits

  • Risk is managed on a continuous basis: The Creation Portfolios are risk-targeted, which means they should carry a level of investment risk consistent with how they are described by your financial adviser, although there is no guarantee that portfolio risk will remain within the prescribed ranges
  • Detailed and ongoing monitoring of the investments in each portfolio: The underlying holdings are selected by specialists, who have the resources to analyse and monitor thousands of investment opportunities. The portfolios are also designed to adapt to changing conditions in financial markets so they are constantly managed and reviewed
  • Tax efficiency: The range is capital gains tax-efficient, which means you do not suffer an immediate tax liability when underlying assets within your selected portfolio are sold. Capital gains tax liability only arises when you dispose of your holding in the Creation portfolio
  • Emphasis on quality: the Creation Portfolios offer exposure to our Global Partners – high quality investment houses that have a strong competitive edge in their respective asset class or market – not just fund managers at a single investment group
  • Economies of scale: the buying power of this solution can help keep down costs and provide access to funds not readily available to the general public, for example because of high minimum investment levels
  • Keep administration to a minimum: All of the investment management transactions take place within the selected Creation portfolio, which avoids the extra costs, paperwork and compliance of running an individual multi-asset portfolio of multiple investments that are held separately.

Ongoing monitoring and oversight

The composition of each portfolio is carefully monitored on an ongoing basis. Should the market environment or the underlying fund manager experience a change in circumstances, the Creation portfolio managers are ready to make any necessary changes. They adjust the portfolios as needed to ensure your investments remain on track and in line with the targeted risk levels, in a cost-effective manner.

In addition, the portfolios are also subject to oversight by Quilter Investors’ Investment Oversight Committee. The committee is comprised of senior personnel who on a quarterly basis, review performance of the portfolios; and question the decisions taken by the managers. On a daily basis, the portfolios are assessed in order to monitor liquidity levels, frequency of trades and the number of positions held, against the investment guidelines.

Sacha Chorley

Portfolio Manager

Sacha is manager of the Compass Portfolios and Creation Portfolios and co-manager of the Cirilium Blend Portfolios. He joined the business in 2011 and has played an important role in the development of the asset allocation and investment tools used across the multi-asset ranges. Prior to joining the business, he worked at Broadstone with their team of economists during the financial crisis, before moving into asset allocation and fund manager research.

Sacha is a CFA Charterholder and has a degree in Maths from the University of Bath. He has also completed the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) qualification.

Stuart Clark

Portfolio Manager

Stuart has been manager of the Old Mutual Wealth WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service since launch in February 2014, manager of the QIPML Caerus Select Portfolios since March 2020, and manager of the Creation portfolios since March 2019. He joined the business in 2013 having spent more than 12 years working in fund research and analysis at organisations including UBS Wealth Management and Julius Baer.

Stuart is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Kent.