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Quilter Investors Cirilium Portfolios

An actively managed globally diversified solution

Offering a choice of outcomes at different diversification and risk levels, the Cirilium Portfolios are focused on delivering an investment solution you can trust.

The Cirilium Portfolios were launched in 2008 and have been designed to provide you with global diversification for your investments. The Cirilium range offers five solutions, each targeting a different risk level so that you can be comfortable the investments in the portfolios will remain aligned with their specified risk profile.

Cirilium quarterly update video

Watch the latest update on the Cirilium Portfolios from portfolio managers, Paul Craig and Rasmus Soegaard. They discuss how the portfolios benefited from the market recovery and what changes they made the portfolios this quarter and why.

The Cirilium Portfolios

  • Are actively managed solutions using manager conviction to achieve a globally diversified portfolio of investments
  • Use the most effective investments available, including funds and investment trusts, to access traditional investments such as equities and bonds as well as alternative asset classes such as infrastructure and renewables
  • Offer layers of diversification that help spread investment risk and aim to reduce short-term volatility to achieve your long-term growth objectives, within specified risk parameters
  • The recommended time horizon for holding any of the portfolios is at least five years.

Features and benefits

  • The Cirilium portfolio managers seek the best mix of active strategies across a broad and diverse range of global asset classes
  • The portfolio managers invest in strategies, run by high quality active managers, across equities and bonds as well as alternative asset classes, such as infrastructure and renewables
  • Our relationships and expertise enables us to access specialist managers that would normally be unavailable to individual investors
  • The portfolios are actively managed each day to ensure they remain aligned to their objective and risk profile.

Ongoing monitoring and oversight

The composition of each portfolio is carefully monitored on an ongoing basis. Should the market environment or the underlying fund manager experience a change in circumstances, the Cirilium portfolio managers are ready to make any necessary changes. They adjust the portfolios as needed to ensure your investments remain on track and in line with the targeted risk levels.

In addition, the portfolios are also subject to oversight by Quilter Investors’ Investment Oversight Committee. The committee is comprised of senior personnel who on a quarterly basis, review performance of the portfolios and question the decisions taken by the managers.

On a daily basis, the portfolios are assessed in order to monitor liquidity levels, frequency of trades and the number of positions held, against the investment guidelines.

Paul Craig

Portfolio Manager

Paul is manager of the Cirilium portfolio range. He joined the business in December 2014 from Henderson Global Investors, following the acquisition of Cirilium. Paul has managed the Cirilium portfolios since 2009, taking on these responsibilities shortly after the inception of the original range.

He has more than 25 years of asset management experience and has also acted as a non-executive director of four investment trusts.

Rasmus Soegaard

Portfolio Manager

Rasmus is a portfolio manager on the Cirilium and Cirilium Blend portfolio ranges. Rasmus has more than 19 years of experience, joining the business in 2008 from ABN AMRO, having spent the majority of his career specialising in alternative asset classes, portfolio management and hedge fund analysis. Rasmus has played a pivotal role in developing the team’s alternative investment capabilities and is frequently invited to speak at alternative investment conferences and industry events.   

Rasmus holds an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking from the ICMA Centre, University of Reading, the Investment Management Certificate and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).