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Quilter Investors Cirilium Passive Portfolios

A globally diversified, cost-effective solution investing in passive strategies

The Cirilium Passive Portfolios provide access to a range of passive investments, across traditional asset classes.

They have been designed to provide you with access to cost-effective, globally diversified investments across traditional asset classes, including equities, fixed income and cash. The Cirilium Passive range offers five solutions, each targeting a different risk level so that you can be comfortable the investments will remain aligned with their specified risk profile.

Cirilium Passive overview

Portfolio manager Rasmus Soegaard provides an overview of the Cirilium Passive Portfolios.

The Cirilium Passive Portfolios

  • Provide cost-effective globally diversified investments through passive investment strategies across traditional asset classes
  • Use a range of passive investment strategies, including exchange-traded funds, to create diversified portfolios based on the analysis of the risk and return profiles of different asset classes
  • Aim to deliver on long-term growth objectives, through a cost-efficient approach, while accepting potential short-term volatility within specified risk parameters
  • The recommended time horizon for holding any of the portfolios is at least five years

Quilter Investors demonstrating commitment to ESG integration

We are delighted to have been awarded a company ESG rating of 2 by Square Mile Research, demonstrating our full commitment to ESG integration in our business. 

Find out more about our approach to Responsible Investment.

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Features and benefits

  • The Quilter Investors investment team use a range of passive investments, including exchange-traded funds and index tracking funds
  • The diversified portfolios are based on the analysis of the risk and return profiles of different asset classes provided by independent actuarial analysis
  • The portfolios are reviewed on a quarterly basis
  • Our relationships and expertise mean we can agree enhanced terms on strategies, that would normally be unavailable to individual investors.



Ongoing monitoring and oversight

The composition of each portfolio is carefully monitored on an ongoing basis. Should the market environment or the underlying fund manager experience a change in circumstances, the Quilter Investors investment team are ready to make any necessary changes. They adjust the portfolios as needed to ensure your investments remain on track and in line with the targeted risk levels.

In addition, the portfolios are also subject to oversight by Quilter Investors’ Investment Oversight Committee. The committee is comprised of senior personnel who on a quarterly basis, review performance of the portfolios and question the decisions taken by the managers. On a daily basis, the portfolios are assessed in order to monitor liquidity levels, frequency of trades and the number of positions held, against the investment guidelines.