Quilter Investors welcomes Wells Fargo Asset Management and The Boston Company to Global Partners group

Quilter Investors welcomes Wells Fargo Asset Management and The Boston Company to Global Partners group

Quilter Investors, the leading multi-asset investment manager, has added Wells Fargo Asset Management and The Boston Company to its range of Global Partners.

It sees the launch of the two new funds: The Quilter Investors Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund managed by Wells Fargo Asset Management’s Alison Shimada; and The Quilter Investors US Equity Income Fund  managed by John Bailer, Head Portfolio Manager with The Boston Company, a brand of BNY Mellon Asset Management North America.

Both the new funds are now held by Stuart Clark, manager of the WealthSelect Managed Portfolio Service, and complement existing emerging market and US equity exposure in the portfolios.

The Emerging Market Equity Income strategy is focussed on value driven stock selection and seeks out companies with strong business models, attractive growth prospects, sustainable cash-flow generation, strong financial profiles and above average dividend yields.

The US Equity Income mandate offers exposure to companies with sustainable yields and attractive dividend growth characteristics. The fund typically holds 40-60 stocks and targets a dividend yield of 1.5x that of the S&P 500 Index.

Quilter Investors portfolio manager, Stuart Clark, says:

“We’re delighted to be able to launch these new funds, providing additional diversification within our US equity and emerging markets holdings.

“John Bailer and his team have an exceptional record of identifying US companies delivering strong dividend performance, and this holding will form an important part of our US exposure increasing our holding to value stocks which have been left behind in relative performance terms.

“Similarly, in emerging markets, we have been able to realise some profits in growth strategies that have performed well and rotate some of our emerging markets exposure into the value-driven strategy led by Alison Shimada.”

Quilter Investors chief commercial officer, Dean Bowden, says:

“Our Global Partners represent those managers that we believe are the market leaders in their respective areas of expertise. By partnering with those managers to provide the investment exposures our portfolio managers desire, we can provide our customers with access to some of the best fund managers in the market, packaged within a single portfolio solution through Quilter Investors.”

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