Press comment: Chancellor in Spring Statement inflation warning

If you are covering today’s Spring Statement and the Chancellor’s warning of the need to manage inflationary pressures in the event of a no deal or disorderly Brexit, please see the following commentary from Quilter Investors portfolio manager, Helen Bradshaw:

“In a Spring Statement overshadowed by Brexit, the Chancellor today issued a cautionary note on the possible inflationary impacts in the event of a no deal or disorderly Brexit. Although some inflation is crucial in a well-functioning economy, with falling prices risking a stagnation in spending, it is a careful balancing act. The Chancellor warned that although disruption is likely if the UK exits the EU without a clear agreement, the scope for deploying monetary and fiscal tools to stimulate the economy may be limited.

“The Chancellor is fearful of the potential impact of a fall in the value of Sterling and the possible knock-on effect on the price of imported goods, alongside the inflationary effect of accommodative monetary and fiscal policy. As a result, he warned that the UK has only limited room for stimulus and would need to balance that against inflationary worries.

“Were there to be an inflationary impact from Brexit, it is possible the Bank of England may view that as a tolerable short-term phenomenon. But if it were to become an issue longer-term then the Bank would have to consider rate rises to stick to its inflation targets and maintain economic equilibrium.

“For investors, it is important to remember that a globally diversified portfolio has some natural protection against domestic matters because the UK will only make up a part of the holdings in a portfolio. However, alternative asset classes such as infrastructure which can offer inflation-linked cashflows, and floating rate instruments that benefit from rising rates, could become particularly valuable in the event of rising inflation.”  


Notes to editors

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