Press comment: Carney looks set to stay

If you are covering Mark Carney’s comments regarding his tenure as Bank of England governor, please see the following commentary from Quilter Investors head of investment, Anthony Gillham:

“Central banks have done a lot of heavy lifting over the last decade in an effort to restore economic stability, although they have often been required to swim upstream against a current of destabilising political uncertainty. As if to illustrate the point, despite the Bank of England’s efforts to protect sterling over the summer, we have seen the pound chasing up positive sentiment around Brexit, before following it back down when the political rhetoric changes.

“If Mark Carney’s tenure is extended he will have his work cut out, but the case for an experienced captain to guide the UK through dangerous waters has grown stronger as Brexit negotiations have dragged on. He will install a measure of certainty on monetary policy, which provides some air cover through what will surely be an unpredictable spell. As Bank of England governor Mark Carney hasn’t always been universally popular, but appointing him as temporary caretaker through this period of transition does make sense.”

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