Press comment: Bank of England Financial Stability Report

If you are covering the Bank of England Financial Stability Report, please see the following commentary from Quilter Investors portfolio manager, Hinesh Patel:

“The Bank of England reports shows it is reasonably satisfied that large financial institutions have taken the necessary steps to guard against the risk of major instability in the event of a disorderly or no-deal Brexit. But it has made a point of explaining that this only means there is a satisfactory level of resilience in the system to withstand turbulence, and that this should not be confused with an expectation of a benign response in the markets.

“Brexit uncertainty continues to influence investment decisions. Corporate borrowing figures show a decline in the volume of funding raised by UK corporate through new debt issuance, while companies in other regions are benefitting from relatively fruitful conditions for fundraising. Similarly, the BoE report highlights the fact that markets which rely heavily on foreign investment have been stifled this year and the pound has come under increased pressure as the prospect of no deal increases.

“It is also notable that where the November stability report points to broad resilience across the banking sector, it is now speaking only about major banking institutions. The tone of voice has also changed somewhat to shift toward talk of a ‘worst-case’ disorderly Brexit. That is a small but telling sign that the BoE’s Brexit concerns have been growing steadily through the year.

“Although Mark Carney and his colleagues have offered some reassurance that there are adequate defences are in place to protect against major financial instability, investors should still be prepared for the possibility of big swings in Pound and heightened volatility as we move into the Autumn and the October deadline for leaving the EU. The important thing is to ensure that portfolios are fully diversified in preparation and investors are clear about how they’re positioned to manage these scenarios.”


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