About Us

At Quilter Investors our philosophy is to deliver steady, incremental gains in a clear and transparent way. We focus on creating innovative, high-quality and flexible solutions that can meet the needs of investors in a world that is constantly evolving. Our experience, expertise and excellence in multi-asset investing provides customers with the confidence to invest in their future.

Our vision is to harness the same technologies and economies of scale that allow huge institutions to manage investments all around the world and put them to use for everyday investors. Our range of innovative multi-asset investment portfolios are therefore diversified across international markets and across the widest range of different asset classes.

Today we manage more than £20bn (as at 30 June 2019) for our investors, and our solutions are available on the majority of UK platforms including Old Mutual Wealth, as well as through Old Mutual International in the countries where they are registered for sale.

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