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Brexit questions answered

To help you understand the impact of Brexit, we have prepared answers to some of the most pertinent questions you may have regarding your investments and the preparations we have made as a business.

This page will be updated as and when we have clarity on if there is a deal made with the European Union or if we are to leave with no deal.

  • Most importantly, we’re pleased to say that Brexit - whatever the final outcome - will have minimal impact on our existing operations, and we will be able to continue to manage your investments.
  • It’s possible that there may be some uncertainty in the economy and markets, but it’s important to remember that all investments can go up and down in value over time. The basic principles of long-term investing remain the same – short-term falls do not necessarily impact on long-term goals.
  • It may take time for all implications to become clear and some things may change. Our focus is on supporting advisers and customers. We will keep you informed of any changes here and contact you directly if required.

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